How Cloud is the “Water, Electricity” in times of Pandemic

How Cloud is the “Water, Electricity” in times of Pandemic

We all know, cloud computing has been transforming business journeys. It becomes more important to understand now — The impact Cloud Computing has been creating in these tough times of COVID-19. It will become hard to think of a world without cloud technology considering two most important aspects — Speed and Response to the needs of the society. The increasing need of an IT resource during this pandemic had never been felt at a higher degree than this.

It is difficult to imagine a world without cloud computing. Cloud shows its presence everywhere by connecting businesses and people at a global scale. Cloud computing has been critical in the health industry. Through Cloud, some of the companies could accelerate the development of drugs and vaccines to the world. They offered GPU cloud computing resources and technical support for fighting the virus in much simpler way to provision and leverage. Domestic scientific research at various platforms also started without any cost. Educating the audience about the virus became an utmost priority. This increased the demand for cloud-based video conferencing and online teaching. Some tools required improved access also done by cloud.

Online e-commerce has also been enabled by scalable and agile cloud technology. Amidst lockdown, there is still the need of food and supplies. Stores that use traditional web hosting services face the issue of capacity planning due to the surge in web traffic. Cloud has the advantage of scalability and security. They can provide security that would protect their servers from cyber attacks.

Cloud has been crucial towards facilitating the business by promoting remote work. There are many websites that use cloud computing to conveniently access the service from anywhere in the world. Many jobs can be relegated to remote work arrangement with relative ease and reliability. Popular conferencing tools are also based on cloud. Teleworking has become the lifeline in these situations and Cloud makes this happen at ease and convenience

Being social beings, social distancing is naturally difficult The prolonged period of lockdowns might take a toll on mental health. The gadget and era of technology offer varied entertainment options to survive this. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon are all made possible by cloud computing.

The world would have still existed without cloud computing but filled with inefficiencies and lack of options. Having explored healthcare, technology and entertainment sectors, it tells us the need for cloud in our day to day needs in these tough times. Also, cloud computing has made its mark in space as well. No wonder, Cloud is described as ‘’Water, Electricity”.

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