Starting up in 2020

Starting up in 2020

We were an excited and a curious set of individuals got our company registered early 2020. The core team had diverse skillsets and cumulative experience of 60+ years.

Though we had our own journey as individuals, we had spent quite a good amount of time working together in different occasions together. Grown up with the right mindset with regard to solving the challenges in front of us. Having worked with different teams and businesses, we could relate to what every business would require at this moment for them to sustain the technology advancements which are disrupting some of the conventional approaches and methods.

We charted out a plan. Being a startup, we had to prove ourselves to our prospects, just slides and talks may not work. We understand how important and relevant it is to rely on a public cloud at the moment for the businesses. We wholeheartedly decided with Google Cloud Platform for that matter. We got our Google Cloud partnership in place by proving the expertise and experience to them as the first step!

The thrill of receiving an email like this !! What followed was euphoria by creating all social media posts, looking for people to hire and the start of something beautiful.

We were finally able to curate our success without getting influenced by third parties and provide a seamless customer experience that was detailed, accurate and above par.

We started having the basic processes and systems in-place to provide the right experience to our customers. We had to work out the details than ever before. We started the process of growing internally & externally.

We got office space in Bangalore and Chennai and we were all set to knock on all the customers doors.

Transcloud Labs — Chennai office

March 23rd, 2020 — Covid-19

Coronavirus struck, hard & vicious. The entire nation was put on a lockdown! It’s never happened before. We have seen recessions however this was something different. It is a halt on every activity - every planned event, every phone call, decision, meeting. Supply chains were disrupted. We all had to wait in line even to get groceries.

Such kind of activity stoppage resulted in behaviour change in individuals. We had to find the right customers who would need our services and work with us.

We have to keep reminding ourselves. Business is a marathon and not a sprint. Real businesses are built overtime. It’s the time to prove your gut and we all will come out stronger !!

Cheers, the start of our story !

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